Virginia Lee: mythic art, illustration, children's books, sculpture, pastels, oils, commissions

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Born in Devon, England in 1976, Virginia liked to draw and sculpt from an early age. After studying art and design at Exeter College, she embarked on a degree in illustration at Kingston University, where she did much of the work featured on this website. Her final project was the 'Inner Season's' series of pastel paintings that describe a girl's journey into womanhood. Shortly after graduating in 1999, Virginia was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work as a sculptor for the "Lord of the Rings' trilogy in New Zealand. For the first 8 months she created archetectual details, fountains and statues for the sets, in particular for Minas Tirith. When the film production had finished, she went onto sculpt highly detailed, collectible wall plaques of scenes from the films. Currently residing in Brighton, Virginia has been devoting some of her time to sculpting and painting for exhibition, aswell as having recently completed her first children's book entitled 'the frog bride', a russian fairy tale retold by Antonia Barber due to be released next year. Another forthcoming project is a book about 'Persephone'.