Virginia lee: Mythic art, illustration, children's books, sculpture, pastels, oils, commissions

My shop will be opening soon, until then I have posted some prints for sale on Etsy, go to

These limited edition Giclee prints are fine quality reproductions and are signed and numbered up to 100. If you are interested in buying any of them or have any queries please contact

Also, you can purchase cards of my various tree people which are printed and distributed by Barry Saich. Just go to

'The deer's domain' 32cm x 34cm £50

'Miss Birch', 23cm x 11cm, £18

'The tides of emotion' 37cm x 48cm, £58



'Angelic wishes' 54cm x 37cm, £58

'Inner seasons (winter)' 25cm x 42 cm, £35

'A call in the night' 17cm x 24cm, £18

'The Lioness' 25cm x 25cm, £30

'Inner seasons (spring)' 25cm x 42 cm, £40

'Music of the land', 26cm x 38cm, £28

'Tori's Song', 28cm x 38cm, £25